Tumbling blocks the iron on way

This shape can be called many names, some of which are named after the block or shape they make when put together with others.  When joined into a hexagon they can make a tumbling block pattern.  When joined into a star it is a six pointed star or on its own is a 60degree diamond.


Here is the method I use to make them – there are other methods, choose which works best for you..

materials: Sewline Glue pen or similar

Hugs ‘n Kisses precut EPP iron ons – or printed and cut templates from Hugs ‘n Kisses applique paper.

KKB perfect scissors

Hugs ‘n Kisses applique needles

Superior Bottom line thread.


Fuse pre cut (or printed and cut) Iron on template shapes to the wrong side of your chosen fabrics. (fussy cut if you wish)0162217ac71e6285b80d05ba63391c5268d7f0b36fCut out leaving an approx 1/4” seam allowance.

Run a line of glue along one edge of the paper no wider than the seam allowance.01a869db12bb7bf7f2d0d480b8055e5e90779d463bWith your thumb or tools fold the seam allowance until you feel the edge of the paper and press down onto the glue.011404a8291e85aa3c09337444fb94e7d1642245c9Glue the next edge and repeat the process. Continue around the shape – Note: Glue every diamond in the same order – ie, start at the top point and glue clockwise (or anticlockwise, whatever suits)019e2632b67144a3c690dfac3716dad49c6ec1cfa7don't worry about those tails poking out.01edb5441fda48ab482a2e6b7f96a40a80e5ac4f19until the complete shape is glued.01fd164d0c5d53605c094341efd3fd6e9a16b85594016b2ba338e829b2245acbdd78b5d4e58d6571a180layout your pieces into the shape or design you want to join them. For a six pointed star I am making here see how all those tails go in the one direction (thats why we always started at the same point) This means less bulk in that centre join.01907d63aaaf7306a897b81da90b35b75705c658df{lace two shapes right sides together with the edges to be joined exactly together and even. With a Hugs ‘n Kisses applique needle and knotted bottom line blending thread start half way along an edge and run up through the seam allowance to the starting point. (this buries the knot out of the way)010d5318167c5f318f49897699c5592b03fb115ce4take a stitch through the two corner points – don’t pull too tight or you’ll gather that running stitch. take a second stitch through those two points and before pulling all the way through take the needle through the loop and tighten to form a starter knot.01225647085a79e887b5549c78993a7ea9ef3a6841whip stitch along the seam to the next point, again do two stitches through those final two points, the second going through the loop to form a knot.01f17ddf6e20b82e9d8d197b815a5c42fad5c30bf801a4445b1b28d101635b3a2d96ddfb09e5da17662bPosition your next diamond with the edges and points evenly matching. Start with that double stitch/knot then complete whipping the seam.01f7c635dd65dd0fd451502cfa677f9c2419126f4fThis gives you a half star block. Do this twice.0131be74dab1076a44a40d5f6c6351d071987f9521Do this twice.0177f398eaaa92c56166cb2c12fab4217f30630c96Now we are going to join our two halves together along this straight seam. Match the centre points first. Sew from one end (making sure you match the end points) along the straight edge – ease to fit if you haven't been 100% accurate, 01052c57b50088119a407d125d7e1c786f8b5f2ac6When you get to the centre take care to take the needle through the two opposite points of the centre diamonds on each. You don’t want a hole in the middle of your star. You can take an extra stitch if you need to to ensure it is all tightly and accurately together before you continue to the other end.010ada2b432cb8697f9c792b0e84b2ac9eff6d6026Open and press – tada….01038f1bb9c06f6f609d6a4dd443d91b43fe224e05On the back your little tails should be going all in one direction around in a circle – so no double tails to make bulk..01394a6e47d1c0f8646abcc2de5035cee483cf6bf501555af99d70a393d09cdc353e4a8dfb864842d18a

Now you can play and work out how you are going to put them together!! have fun – oh and send me photos please…