A Proud Mum

I loved art at school - wasn't great at it but loved it – and am still determined one day to go back to art school..

But for now, I can live the dream through my special girls.. So I am going to have a little boast and show them off!


Last Friday night, Miss Tess was awarded the Year 7/8 Prize for the best Portrait in the Young Archies Exhibition – this is like a younger person's Archibald portrait competition run across the state of Tasmania – for this portrait of her not so happy sister.


Her big sister Molly had this painting hanging also in the Year 11/12 category – inspired by new friends she met last year on her Challenge trip to Namibia.


I am always amazed at the quality of artwork coming out of our schools here. There were some amazing portraits from kindergarten to Year 12. This was done by one of Molly’s friends and fellow art students Brittany – those eyes….


and this was the overall winner done by a 16 year old girl also from our school – amazing.. (sorry about the quick snap with an extra head in the bottom right corner)


So for now, I will admire and appreciate the talents of our youth… and give them credit where credit is certainly due..

hugs from a proud mum


oh btw – the exhibition is open to the public at the Arts Centre Hunter St Hobart  daily until the 9th October.

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