A Heartfelt Wish – New Hugs ‘n Kisses Pattern

Another new pattern to finally show you all today – A Heartfelt Wish. I designed this for a Gathering for Breast Cancer – which then got changed to a Christmas theme, but really loved the design and the opportunity to try four different techniques so continued. 


So whilst it is a small project and quite quick to complete it includes stitchery and embroidery, 


a touch of Colourque,


Glue stick appliqué


and a favourite pieced block – Flying Geese.


I will let you in on a little secret here – these Geese were made for another quilt – yet to be seen in full- and I was not having a good maths day so they were too small – waste not want not, use them in another project…

I think this little project would be the perfect sentiment for a friend who is perhaps going through a tough time, maybe some treatment or who has lost a special person. Or of course it could simply be a lovely wall hanging in your home, or a cushion cover or bag design. 

heartfeltdesignonly   '

Of course I have included lots of detailed instructions for each of the techniques so if you haven't tried them before don’t be worried, I help you every step of the way. Also included are great diagrams for each of the stitches used – But of course, there you can always refer to the Stitched Sunday classes on my blog or use the links from the stitch guide on my App!

It is available here now and will be at your favourite stores very soon….

hugs and heartfelt wishes to you all


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