Well I am back and breathing just for a minute!photo 1

AQC was just wonderful, I caught up with so many friends – real and online friends…. Met many inspiring women and shared highlights with many of my quilting idols at the Bernina Celebration Gala dinner. (not to mention the entertainment)

photo 12

A huge congratulations to Michelle Hill on being awarded the Rajah Award – I was sitting at her table and the look on her face when she realised was just priceless. A well deserved win.

photo 32

Also congrats to Janet Treen- a lovely lady I had not met before, but I had followed her quilt blog progress – the winner of the Best of Australia quilt.

It was an honour to have Cornelian in such great company with such talented ladies from around the country.

photo 2


If you visited on my booth – and saw just how crazy it was – well thank you, thank you. I will try and be more prepared next year.

photo 23

Thanks so much to Rose who was our angel helper for two days, Fiona for the first day and Ang for helping us pack-up! Couldn’t have done it without generous wonderful 33

Not to mention the boss!  Miss Tess….. a true saleswoman…

(thanks to Melissa who took these pics for me before opening day)

photo 333

Now it's onto International Quilt market preparation… Two weeks to go until we fly out! Eeeeekkkkkkk

hugs for today


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