Aussie Quilt Events

I have just followed a link to a great listing of all Aussie quilt events. It is on the Downunder quilts website but I have so many links in my favourites I can never find anything. So I am going to put it as a link on my blog so I and all of you can always find it and plan your trips and opportunities around them....

Now I need to tell you that although I did 'forget' to put my Last minute Christmas Gift countdown project on my blog. It is on the Cotton Spice website ever so nicely with all the other FREE projects.... and it will stay there until the whole event is over, so get over there quickly and download the pattern! Here is a pic for you of my little heart bag which some of you may have seen from my gathering - sorry I just didn't have time to make another new one, but if you couldn't make it to the gathering, well now you have it for free!!!


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