Back From Market

Yes, I am home and sorting through all the details of the events of another great Quilt market in Melbourne. For those of you wondering, this is an annual trade show for stores to shop and view new fabrics, notions, patterns and all things quilty. I love catching up with my stores face to face and all the other wonderful designers and inspirational people in our industry. After setting up on Friday, it was all systems go for Saturday and Sunday trading days. I finally met face to face Rosalie, Melly, Leanne, Gail and Leanne M, Di from Ricketty Stitches, Liz and David from Teddlywinks and caught up with old friends Lynette, Natalie, Brenda, Kerrie, and many others too many to mention. We enjoyed a lovely Greek banquet on Saturday evening and shared experiences, life and the bubbles! This was my floor mat made from Verandah Scraps and pieced by Tess for me - well she started piecing then took over the pressing whilst I finished it. I thought it would brighten up the floor of my booth and make it more inviting but do you think people would walk on it??? I insisted it was just scraps but they tip toed around the edges and almost fell over rather than stepping on it..
A few quick visits to spotlight (who still happen to have my credit card I am assuming now that it has been lost in action, presumed dead and cancelled) for some quick props - unfortunately, living on an island, I cannot bring beautiful furniture and lovely props across the seas to 'dress' my booth so I am restricted to what I can do in an hour when I arrive. There is a funny story about my curtain rod, perhaps I'll tell that one another day.

So now that market is over and Nice People Nice Things has been released to a flurry of excitement, it is ready for shipping. I have listed all of the stores who decided to order at market on the NPNT blog on a new page called stores. All of the new releases are also now on my website.
So now it's packing time.....

I am really happy with the boxes and everyone else seemed to like them....

So for all of you who were not at market, I have a little giveaway for one of you. Three mystery patterns from the new releases to be winging their way somewhere across the seas. I'll draw a name from comments when I have all the orders processed and out. That could be Friday or a week from now!!

So it's off to beddy bies for me tonight.

Helen - sleep tight

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