Back From Sydney

I know, I know - I've been back now for four days and this is my first post. But it is school holidays down here in old 3 term Tassie so work is half paced at present whilst they 'annoy' or delight me. Sydney was wonderful, albeit wet and cold, so much for a warm weekend away from chilly Hobart. I caught up with so many friends, acquaintances, customers and stitchers. It is always so lovely to meet and chat face to face. And of course it's great to feel the buzz of new patterns, new books, new fabrics and new gadgets.... For those coming to my Friendship Day, a few things were organised for you and also for my Huggles Club members who I constantly feel guilty about not keeping in touch with enough. Being on my own in the booth doesn't allow me to get out much so thank you to all who came and said Hi. If I didn't catch you, maybe next time...

I did meet the new owner of Honeysuckle Cottage, Kim and her lovely mum- and yes, my jaw dropped as I had not heard this news. She has started a blog you may like to read. I am sure she is better than it than me.. She also has some pics up from Quilt Market. I didn't take my camera but my BIL Paul did so when he gets home from delivering Intelliquilters in the ACT. I will get them and put them up so you can all see what it is like there.

So I have spent the week doing orders, folding patterns, processing sales and listing everyone on my website and mailing list whom I met for the first time in Sydney. Gee, I really wish I could have a full time marketing/folding/invoicing person to do this so I could just design and stitch - Maybe one day........

Tomorrow is a big day however as Molly, my 12 year old and her friend Lara also 12 are spending the day as chefs in my kitchen preparing a 5-course dinner for 7 adults. It's a formal affair, so we all have to dress up in our finest. Rohan (DH) has brought his Mess kit home to wear so guess I will have to drag out the finery and work out what I can sneak thermals underneath with. They have pored through the Donna Hay mags and many other cookbooks and come up with a menu. I have done the shopping today and others are bringing the appropriate drinks to match each course. The best china and cutlery is coming out (haven't seen the light of day for quite some time) and Tess (my middle 9-year-old), Caitlin (Lara's 13-year-old sister) and Callum (a friend's son, 8 years old) are going to be waiters. Should be quite a night - I'll take some pics and put up after for you.

Huggle hearts have started to arrive. Thank you so much to all who are contributing to this. They are all a little different but all made from the heart. Here are 3 which came today - and then sorry my batteries went flat so will give you more tomorrow when they have recharged.

hugs to all, H
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