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Been busy in the last couple of days making up my other projects for the Colourque book. Then I actually cleaned up the studio today...... I wish I had taken a before and after shot for you. Most of the projects had foundation pieced borders and I have to confess to not being a neat freak when sewing. The whole studio floor (and half the house where someone carried bits up on their socks) with red and white fabric and thread scraps. But I can take some snaps of where the projects are up to. I posted off my mini quilt to Tracey for quilting today to match the big one and Im now thinking that maybe all the projects need McTavishing in the background now... What do you think??? I could have a go but then it wouldnt match Tracey's....mmm wonder how she'd feel about another 4 things to practise her McTavishing on.... not that she needs the practise..... So here's some pics, tell me what you think..... At the suggestion of the Editor these projects have all been added to my original manuscript. She felt smaller projects were also needed to widen the audience for the book particularly to quilt shops who wanted small, quick workshops and classes rather than the whole Baltimore quilt. I am hoping they are all balanced and make up a nice array of home decorating projects to entice, excite and achieve.... hugs Helen

square cushion


table runner

as you can see this is a work in progress, tonight I am putting another colourque'd design in each point to match the centre of the design....

they are all only 'top's so
I have no problems having them all quilted before I make them up!!
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