Can you believe it?

I am always looking to the positive in people and I try to always think the best, but I just cannot find a logical reason or excuse for what happened last week that I am comfortable with.

At around lunch time on Tuesday a needy person reached through the doors of the Quilted Crow, tore this quilt from its display stand and ran.  I would like to think that maybe they were cold at nights on the streets, (in which case they need my quilt more than I do), that they liked my quilt soooo much (so take it as a compliment they chose mine and not the many others that would have been much more accessible), that they are going to use it for a really good purpose (and so help many more with this quilt than just themselves) or maybe because they are so  generous and wanted to give a really special gift.


either way, its gone, if you happen to see it one day, please ask why? I’d love to know how their minds work. Its not a major work of art, and my life will go on but still…….

Oh and if anyone would like to make me a new sample before market in 4 weeks, just yell!

hugs to you today,


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