claiming your prize...

Michelle and Janet I hope you manage to check back here one day to see you have won a prize so that I can get it to you. I cannot send if I don't hear from you and will just have to have another giveaway to clear the packs or Lori will be back here clearing them out again!

I am writing this in Windows Live Writer - has anyone else tried this programme to write your blog posts? After having major problems with updating the angel swap list because I was cutting and pasting your names from your various emails Typepad recommended I try this. I totally jammed the coding on the typepad page and had to start all over again. It seems Word or other programmes adds in unnecessary html code which then conflicts with rich text formats used on blogs. So this is a test post typing and editing right on my PC - we shall see how it goes.

hugs, Helen

Absent From Duty
Technorati Tags: angel swap I am taking two days out for myself tomorrow to do a class here in Hobart with Cara Gulati from the USA. We don't get many...
first timer
wow, well, should be working but thought i'd finally play and set up a blog.... will take some time in my 'spare time' to get it looking pretty so for...
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