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You may have been watching me this year travelling and teaching at many many places… My classes for the year are now finished – just one show to go but that’s for stores, so I am no going to share with you some of the projects that ladies have been stitching across the world…. you can now make them yourself – without me guiding you of course but there are good instructions in the patterns.

Two French Kisses – now ladies, don’t read anything into that name….. it was named because last year I could not remember how many kisses each country used for a greeting and I was constantly bumping noses!!!!  Teaching in Basel there are ladies from Germany, Switzerland, France and even Austria – and they all have different greetings – and of course languages…. I was so confused… so I named this to remind me… it was designed specifically for my Basel class. Last year the lovely Florence took Gail and I into France for the day and to a linen  factory. I purchased the linen and the ribbon and Florence gave us both a little button – we were to all make something with it and share…

This year I taught this class in Tynset, Norway,


 1062And in Basel, Switzerland….

2013-09-07 14.40.00-1

 2013-09-07 16.48.51 There were many and varied colourways and thread choices but they all looked wonderful and when finished were made into this:


a gorgeous toiletry or project bag. There are 1” hexies (using the wonderful iron ons) along the bottom twofrenchkissesbackclose

and 1/2” hexies on the other side featuring Florence’s button in the centre. twofrenchkissesemb2

as you can see my embroidery design was inspired by the button and other styles I witnessed in Europe last year…

I used the linen bought from the factory and the little tabs at either end also use the ribbon I purchased on my little trip. twofrenchkissesstyled

The pattern is now available at your local store or from here.

It includes enough 1/2” and 1” iron on hexies to make the project once… if you haven't tried them yet you will love them and want them in the 100’s…

Tomorrow I will show you the release of another new pattern you are just going to looooove….

hugs for today



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