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Just clearing off my camera card and here are a few pics I had snapped because of the wonderful colours and textures. When we give colour theory classes with Quizzles I use pictures of nature to find colours that work well together. Look at the lovely shades of lilac to greys and pinks in this eerie looking sunset (it was actually a threatening storm at dusk whilst we were camping in the bush last weekend), I am going to play in my Quizzles patterns to see how it will look....I think it may be a very peaceful quilt....
You may be wondering what the following pics are.....??? well, I think whilst I was stitching the NPNT quilt my Spring Cleaning of 2007 was forgotten, this little beauty I was saving at the back of the bottom shelf of the cupboard and I think that in a former life it was a 'sweet potato'! Yes, sorry girls, stitching comes before house cleaning in this part of the world - are you any different? - give me your secrets if you can manage a stitching passion and a neat house!
anyway, look again at the range of colours to be seen - would make for a lovely 'natural, earthy' quilt maybe.. I couldnt resist getting the camera out.

hugs and inspiration for today

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