the Lets get real studio tour

So Terry Atkinson and Gudrun Erla put the call out to us to show our ‘real studios’- not perfectly cleaned, beautifully presented, out of a magazine images, but instant as they are now..

let get real

I considered that I really can’t show you this – my studio is simply not fit for human eyes – I can’t really show you how messy I am and what a state we are really in..  With working and schooling from home the past few months my studio has become an everything zone - zoom classroom for dance classes and jazzercise, a gym and house storage area for #2 daughter who suddenly moved home, my shop storage and kit cutting area, along with my normal full time office and design/sewing space. Add to that a pesky 'painting accident' and you will see it at its absolute worst.....But then….. maybe it could make you feel better about yours – AND, maybe it may make me stick to my word and show you the new and improved version soon….

so first you can watch mine- please watch mine first as all the others will just make mine look even worse…

It is a little rushed (trying to keep them short and sweet) and very organic (sorry no expert videoing skills here today)  but you’ll get the picture of just what state we are in…and how and where I work.


then pop on over to some of my friends tours and see how they work – it really is interesting….

Terry Atkinson | Atkinson Designs | Facebook | Instagram
Gudrun Erla | GE Quilt Designs | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Annie Unrein | By Annie | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Celine Perkins | Perkins Dry Goods | Facebook | Instagram
Deanne Eisenman | Snuggles Quilts | Facebook
Debby Ritenbaugh Brown | Debbie Brown Quilts | Facebook | Instagram
Katy Cameron | The Littlest Thistle | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Nancy Scott | Master Piece Quilting by Nancy Scott | Facebook | Instagram
Pat A Sloan | Pat Sloan Voice of Quilting | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Shari Butler | Doohikey Designs (You Are Here) | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill | Whole Circle Studio | Facebook | Instagram
Scott Hansen | Blue Nickels Studios | Facebook | Instagram | IGTV
Lynn Carson Harris | Lynn Carson Harris Blog | Facebook | Instagram
Shelley Lynne Pederson Robson | The Quilted Forest | YouTube
Lee Chappell Monroe | May Chappell | Instagram | Facebook
Bonnie K Hunter | Quilt Ville | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
Kathy Southern | Studio Kat Designs | Facebook | Instagram
Helen Stubbings | Hugs N Kisses | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

keeping it real here….. please don’t judge me – less tidying time = more stitching time

happy stitching

Hugs from Helen

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Adrienne Davis
Adrienne Davis
Saturday 30th May 2020

Love seeing things how they really are! It makes us all feel so much better about our own spaces. Nothing is perfect and especially at this time xx

Debbie Huber
Debbie Huber
Friday 29th May 2020

I love the REAL space. I am not a neat as a pin person, much to my mother's distress. But I especially get the inconvenience of a child moving back home. I really enjoyed your descriptions and hearing your voice. Love your accent. Thanks!

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