And So It was Named…. Tigglywinks!

Tigglywinks?  Don’t ask me how or why, I just came to that and liked it!

After the Lovely Kim from Perth quickly tested my pattern over the weekend, a few small changes and it is ready go.. I so love this quilt which came from no real plan at all, just a need to make pinwheels.. It uses two charm square packs (about 75) and one metre (about 1 1/4 yds) of a plain background fabric. I loved using the gluestick appliqué technique for my appliqué blocks but I know Kim is buttonholing it so anything would work.. It also uses a neat pinwheel technique (not laying claim to this clever one I learnt once upon a time but its good!)

I hope to see pinwheels being made in abundance! oh, by the way there is a great tutorial on this method of making them here and even a video tutorial here


A little bit of spring to brighten your day in the appliqué blocks.



hugs for today


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